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Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is an extension of the ministry of three synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA): the Central/Southern Illinois Synod, the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, and the Northern Illinois Synod. LOMC has been operating since 1975.

Each summer, LOMC serves about 1400 male and female youth in grades K-12. The following information may help you decide if a summer in camping ministry at LOMC is for you.

The Purpose of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is to be the Church in outdoor settings, nurturing Christian faith and providing experiences connecting the Word of God with the World of God.

A summer of camping ministry is highly rewarding and challenging. You will experience the difficulties and joys of working within an intentional community in which you are responsible to one another. You will experience the rewards and frustrations of working with youth in trying situations. Rapidly changing weather and youth emotions will challenge you to be creative in your planning, response, and spontaneity. Prayerfully consider the following information it may help you decide if camping ministry at LOMC is for you:

Are you a person of Christian faith? It is not a requirement that you are Lutheran, but rather, that you personally can share from your Christian faith in the grace of God given to us in Jesus Christ, a faith guided by Gods Word in the Bible.

Camping ministry focuses on teaching youth and families about Christ in the outdoors, and sharing Gods love.

You must have a passion for:

  • Youth: Are you interested and willing to work with small groups of youth in grades K-12? (Youth are grouped according to similar age group).
  • Jesus Christ: Are you Christian and willing to learn more about your faith? To teach the beliefs of Lutheran Christians to youth? You don’t need to be a Biblical scholar, but rather, be willing to learn, grow, and be challenged in your faith.
  • Nature: Almost all of the above takes place in an outdoor setting. Although you may sleep in a retreat house one week, you may be in a tent the next. Connecting the natural and physical world with the Word of God is central to the ministry of LOMC so you’ll be outside!
  • Healthy lifestyles: LOMC is a drug- and alcohol-free camp.


  • A belief in Christian theology and ethics
  • Understanding and love of children
  • A feeling of awe of nature and willingness to live in the outdoors
  • Ability to work well within a group of peers
  • Maturity and willingness to place a camper’s needs and wants before your own
  • Be certified (or be willing to be certified) in First Aid, CPR, lifeguarding (optional), and other skills.
  • Be at least 18 years of age, and preferably have completed at least one year of college to serve as an onsite camp counselor.

Benefits of working at LOMC

A summer working at a camp can be compared to no other! The experiences you will have, the community you will become an important part of, and the lives you will touch will become a lifelong part of your own story. LOMC provides training (first aid and CPR certification and optional lifeguard certification), workers’ compensation, and supplementary insurance. Our summer staff members are paid weekly. (Please talk to Program Director for specific details on salary).

Time Commitment

The time span of this position is approximately 11 weeks, from the two weeks of intensive (paid) training through the final week of camp.


Camp Counselor

  • Lead small groups of campers (ranging in grades K-12) in Bible study, games, hiking, prayer, adventure, and worships
  • Learn skills appropriate to outdoor ministries and to working with youth
  • Demonstrate empathy, teamwork, maturity, faith and leadership
  • Participate in a two week staff training

VBC Counselor

  • Become part of the Vacation Bible Church traveling team
  • Lead VBCs at churches around Illinois
  • Demonstrate empathy, teamwork, maturity, faith and leadership
  • Participate in a two week staff training

 Summer Staff Coordinator

  • Partner with summer program and ministries directors and Administrative team to administer summer ministries
  • Cover breaks and help with transportation as needed
  • Supervise Trail Quartermaster
  • Organize Friday Night Festival
  • Plan morning devotions and group campfires
  • Evaluate summer staff
  • Provide nighttime adult supervision in youth rooms

Transportation Steward

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license and will be required to be JO2 certified
  • Drive campers to and from activities
  • Clean and maintain vehicles
  • Serve as Support Staff Member to cover breaks/and tent maintenance

Health Officer

  • Coordinate and implement health service program
  • Supervise volunteer nurses; maintain health center and first aid supplies
  • Prepare all health reports
  • Assist the summer ministries coordinator
  • Provide nighttime adult supervision in youth rooms
  • Minimum age 21 and must have driver’s license, First Aid and CPR certification

Media Specialist

  • Take pictures of participants and activities
  • Create weekly DVD of camp
  • Send parents pictures/ video of campers
  • Provide nighttime adult supervision in youth rooms

Camp Nurse

  • Be a registered nurse, at least 21 years old, and have a driver’s license
  • Oversee and direct the health and physical safety of LOMC
  • Maintain all medical supplies and a clean and orderly Nurses Station


  • Supervise and assure pool safety
  • Daily check pool chemicals and clean pool
  • Lead canoe trips as needed
  • Provide nighttime adult supervision in youth rooms

Fine Arts Volunteer

  • Create the craft curriculum
  • Develop at teach all crafts
  • Keep the Fine Arts Basement clean and orderly
  • Develop an on-going art project

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