Zip Line Manager Job Description

Zip Line Manager Job Description

The Zip Line Manager is responsible for ensuring the safety for all zip line guests.

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up harnesses properly.
  • Assisting guests in harnessing and helmet fitting.
  • Demonstrating proper zipping techniques.
  • Operating the zip line safely.
  • Inspecting equipment.
  • Logging all activity on the zip line.
  • Educating guests about zip line safety.

Main Duties:

  • Daily opening and closing procedures of zip line course.
  • Supervising the progress and experience of each assigned tour group.
  • Fitting harness and helmets correctly and supervising the use of all safety equipment.
  • Conducting pre-tour safety orientation for each tour group.
  • Using customer engagement skills to ensure a memorable experience for each guest.
  • Assuring the safety and wellbeing of guests throughout each tour.
  • Conducting complete inspections of all course components and gear.
  • Assisting with course maintenance efforts.
  • Attending required meetings and trainings.

Pre- Zip line Duties:

  • Inspecting all lines for safety.
  • Inspecting both platforms for safety, cleanliness, and supplies (water, first aid, etc.).
  • Inspecting harnesses, pulleys, carabineers, and helmets for integrity and cleanliness.
  • Assisting with weigh-in, waivers, and harness distribution.

Daily Duties:

  • Reviewing safety issues, answer questions.
  • Demonstrating how to carry gear and wear safety harness.
  • Building excitement about the forthcoming experience.
  • Attaching guests to the cable and perform essential safety check every time before anyone zips.
  • Assisting with the landing of each participant, insuring their safety on every approach.
  • Responsible for all gear safety and maintenance, including but not limited to washing, cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing the equipment.

Must be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with both adults and children in both group and individual settings.
  • Be able to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively.
  • Be able to handle multiple tasks and be creative and motivated.
  • Have a great attention to detail to ensure safety and overall positive guest experience.
  • Have excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.

Alcohol and Drug Testing: Employees may not arrive on duty under the influence of alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise). Because this position is a safety-sensitive position, employees will be subject to random alcohol and drug testing.