Faith Hike Engages Campers

Faith Hike Engages Campers

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it!
-John 1:5

LOMC Summer Staff have added another wonderful opportunity for campers this season. On Thursday evenings, campers gather after snacks to journey together on a Faith Hike moving from one station of the cross to another. Led by lantern and song, campers and staff experience everything from foot washings to nails on the cross. The time together is a faith-focused opportunity to bind God’s Word with the creation all around us. A special evening activity to help close a week of praying and playing to a close!


Dining Hall
Introduction and the Proclamation that Jesus Lives!

Pole Barn
Appreciation of the Last Supper and Holy Communion

Norm Nelson Program Center
Foot Washing

The Betrayal of Jesus

Stoney Point
The Crucifixion

Resurrection and Sending

The Light Shines in the Darkness – Easter Revisited