Faith Works Confirmation Camp

November 20, 2018

Greetings from LOMC!

We are excited to be planning our “Faith Works” confirmation camp for the 2019 summer season! Faith Works is our Jr. High Ministry that consists of a week of connecting the Word of God with the World of God at LOMC. The ways we connect with the kids are through Bible study, worship, service projects, creation stewardship practices, team building exercises, outdoor adventure activities, and arts and crafts.

Our trained staff will accompany your confirmation group during the week along with the help of your congregation’s pastors, youth leaders, and/or volunteers. LOMC would like to be a partner with your leaders in the planning and implementing of the program, so together we can create a wonderful faith- filled week for your kids. In order for us to create a successful partnership with you, we would like to hear from you about ways that LOMC can help in the faith formation process. We would like to hear what your goals are for the week and what your expectations are from LOMC.

One way we thought that we could share ideas is through inviting pastors and youth leaders for a one night retreat at LOMC. During the retreat we would practice being “still” with God, invite new ideas that you would like offered at camp, discuss ways to improve our partnership in faith formation, enjoy fellowship and networking with fellow colleagues, and to relax.

Retreat Info:

“Be Still and Know”
Monday, February 11 – Tuesday, February 12
$35.00 includes lodging, 3 meals, and program

Register with Audrey at by January 21

Please refer to the enclosed information sheet for details on dates available and fees for the Faith Works program. To reserve your week, please fill out the application form and send in along with a deposit by February 11. If you have any additional questions about Faith Works or the retreat please contact the ministry team at 815-732-2220.

God’s Blessings,

Michelle Heinrich, Program Director

Audrey Adams, Business Retreat Manager

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