LOMC Survey Work

LOMC Survey Closes

Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey this past spring.

We are pleased that 89 people filled out the survey and included people who have had many years of experiences at LOMC to parents of campers and some that have had no contact (yet) with LOMC. The questions included:

  • “If you are not connected to LOMC, how could LOMC better serve you?”
  • “What areas are most purposeful for a summer camp?”
  • “What is the most important factor when choosing a camp?”
  • “What inspires or motivates you to give financially to LOMC?”
  • And more!

A special task force created earlier this year put the survey together and is now compiling and will then discuss the findings. We are committed as a church in the outdoor setting to help nurture people’s faith by creating unique experiences that connect the Word of God with the World of God. The results of the survey should be very useful in sharpening what we offer and how we offer experiences. Thank you for joining us in creating a place with rich experiences of faith.