Lumberjack Day


Saturday, September 28
9am Start
Lunch Provided

Registration Required
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Lumberjack Day Details

LOMC is running a little short on our firewood supply for this winter and beyond. Obviously, we have plenty of wood but we need to cut it so it fits in our fireplaces and campfires. Therefore, we are planning on a Lumberjack day on September 28 to restock our supply. We are asking for volunteers to help us accomplish this.

We have a number of dead trees that need to be cut down as well. We will buck them to proper lengths, split them and haul them to the firewood storage area.

We invite small groups to come and help. For youth groups, please bring your own adults to supervise your group members.

We are planning to provide lunch, so it is important that we know you are coming so we have enough food.

The event starts at 9:00am.
Meet at the LOMC Office.

All of the tasks require different levels of skill.
We will be following specific safety requirements for each:

  • Those cutting down trees must have experience. If you’re an occasional or once a year operator, you probably shouldn’t consider this task.

  • Those limbing and bucking should also have some experience.

  • Operating the wood splitter is important and prior experience is desired.

  • Handling, loading, unloading and stacking is the safer of all of them. Many hands will make lighter work!

Personal Protective Equipment is important for all tasks.

EVERYONE should please bring the following:

  • Eye protection, hearing protection, good work clothing and gloves.
  • A hard hat and chaps are a plus for wood cutting.

Other Equipment to Bring:

  • Maintained and in good working order.
  • Chainsaw
  • Log splitter

Ideally, this is a project that should be limited to a minimum age of 12 (for handling wood). Wood cutting should be 18 years or older.