New Dishwasher

New Dishwasher For Moline Dining Hall

After two long months, LOMC now has a brand new dishwasher for the Moline Dining Hall!!!

The old Hobart dishwasher became too expensive to repair and with the help of a very generous donation from the people of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Rockford, IL, we were able to have installed a completely new low-temp dishwasher. It’s not wifi connected and doesn’t play a ringtone when the cycle is done but it WASHES dishes everyone! Whoo hoo!!!

Gordon Food Service came out today and removed the old unit and installed this thing of beauty! Now we’ll be back to being able to wash everything efficiently again making our food service staff VERY happy indeed.

Special note of thanks to Nyssa (Food Service Manager) for handling everything and keeping items cleaned in the interim and Adriana (Development Director) for reaching our to Our Savior’s and inviting them to bless us with the resources to solve this small crisis.