Season to Grow Campaign


GOAL $50,000 | FINAL TOTAL: $48,498

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Thank You To All Our Donors

Thank you for blessing Outdoor Ministry!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every person on the planet. At LOMC, we quickly realized how much this uneasy and truly dangerous worldwide threat was affecting our ELCA churches, our fellow outdoor ministry friends, businesses and of course right here at LOMC.

In short time, groups were no longer allowed to journey to LOMC to spend time in relationship with God and each other. We predict that by the end of April alone we will have lost over $30,000 in income (and rising each week we are closed). This is needed income that pays salaries, keeps up facilities, buys food for guests and in the spring helps us get ready for summer camp.

Today we ask our friends to help us in this time of great need. LOMC has always been a wonderful place for children, youth and adults to experience a place rich in nature and a fertile place to build spectacular relationships. With your help LOMC can continue into another season to grow in our faith with God and understanding of the world around us.

LOMC – Established 1974

We are the church in outdoor setting nurturing Christian faith, providing experiences connecting the Word of God with the World of God.

Thrivent's Nationwide Help

At the end of March, Thrivent created a nationwide challenge campaign to help nonprofits across America. Thrivent was able to match $1.5 million in donations that were given to non profits all across the country. We received $2,270 in matching funds from Thrivent!

To make a donation to our Season to Grow campaign, please use the giving buttons on this page or you may mail a check to LOMC at PO BOX 239, OREGON IL 61061.


  • Staff is working to plan, prepare and work to ready and improve LOMC in this current timeframe.
  • We are starting to reorganize our staffing, programming and more to be a leaner and more sustainable organization. Non-essential purchases are tabled and only a few capital projects are being completed.
  • A new season to grow in faith in the outdoors. Challenges abound and yet so do the opportunities!
  • Outdoor ministry has long been a fertile place to experience God’s grace, be in unique community and has helped countless individuals follow their calling.
  • SEASON to GROW is challenging us to raise $50,000 to help LOMC recover and reform.
  • Join us today through May 30 to raise needed funds for LOMC!
  • You can give online or checks can be sent to LOMC (PO BOX 239, OREGON IL 61061)
  • See the projects and activities we are engaged in this Season to Grow.

The Funds We Raise Will Help LOMC:

  • Complete projects such as repainting our Retreat Cabin bathrooms and replacing vertical blinds in Freedom Tree guest rooms with curtains.
  • Purchase very needed disinfecting supplies and equipment such as electrostatic sprayers, UV lights and various cleaning supplies.
  • Funds to help keep LOMC strong in a time when no guests (or few guests) are allowed to visit.
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So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.

Galatians 6:9-10

What an incredible gem LOMC is! My faith has been nurtured, renewed, and refreshed by experiencing Christ in creation while at camp!

Margi Ficken

Love LOMC and the great work it does in our area.

Caroline Johnson

LOMC has been a part of my spiritual life since I was 8 years old! LOMC is a beautiful place for praising God and for Christian fellowship!

Paula Anderson

I worked there for 3 summers and it provided me personal growth and my brother also worked there.

Kevin Blazek

I attend the scrapbooking retreats several times a year and love the location.

Judith Brauer

Camp has shaped the course of my life by helping me grow in faith and giving me a space to hear God.

Jason Fisher