Season to Grow Projects

Season To Grow Projects

You Can Help Us In A Time Of Challege

Trail Maintenance

Our seasonal deck guru Kurt has been busy helping us get our trail up to Meadows and Timbers ready for guests. A new bridge towards Timbers Village and steps up the new Meadows Village Trail. New signs will be installed soon! (5/28/2020)

Timbers Painting

Both Retreat Cabin villages are getting a deep cleaning and Timbers Village today had some painting work done. The front of the “Perch” building was done (trim to come soon) and safety stripes on the stairs are making the area much better. (5/21/2020)

New Meadows Trail

The current Meadows Village trail has over time, become eroded and more difficult to walk up and down. We have laid out a new trail and making some stairs at the lower end. This new trail has a few bends to prevent erosion and has some nice views! Great work being done. (5/21/2020)

Health, Safety and Cleaning

We are still adding to our safety, cleaning and disinfecting projects. Stripes were painted around the Dining Hall for added safety and two new handheld vacuums were purchased to aid in cleaning out Retreat Cabins. We also starting using the electrostatic sprayer which will work great in covering rooms/items with disinfectant. (5/13/2020)

New Meadows Trail

The current Meadows Trail has become very eroded over the years and a new one has been scoped out this week! With a few steps put in and other minor improvements, we’ll have a new trail from the Dining Hall to Meadows that is less steep and much safer. (5/1/2020)

Cleaning and Painting

With our ice machines not in use (and unplugged to save money) we took the opportunity to fully clean and disinfect. We are also repainting doors in our Retreat Cabin bathrooms to clean and improve their look. Thanks to LOMC staff Ken, Nyssa and Chris! (4/30/2020)

Family Getaway

LOMC is temporarily closed to the public through May 2020 but we are actively planning for when the stay-at-home order is lifted. We give you a sneak peek at an opportunity that provides high safety and great fun. FAMILY GETAWAY! We are actively planning for up to 5 families (immediate households only) to be at LOMC at any one time; each having their own place to call “home.” Great activities will be included from guided hikes to a family cookout. We are working on getting more details worked out so be on the watch! (4/30/2020)

Pond Dock Posts

Maintenance staff have worked to fix our pond dock. The posts have been refastened to make them more stable. You can see the difference in some of the photos in the before and after fix. Solar lights were also added to the first posts to brighten things up a little at night. Another project complete! (4/27/2020)

Maintenance Room Cleaned

The cleaning and sorting continues when we can’t have guests onsite. A huge clean-up in the maintenance room of the Hawkins Hospitality Center at Freedom Tree Village. All kinds of cleaning, sorting, tossing, renewing and more. Looking good!  (4/22/2020)

EPA Disinfectant List

Checking with the EPA, we are pleased to share that our regular disinfectant used throughout LOMC is on the approved list of products effective against COVID-19.  (4/22/2020)

Paycheck Protection Program

We were very glad to have received funds last week from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. Through Central Bank of Rochelle, we were able to receive funds to cover utilities and payroll through early June.  (4/20/2020)

Freedom Tree Showers

We are deep cleaning showers in our Freedom Tree Village with everything from steam to other disinfectants. Look at it shine! New shower curtains have been added as well. (4/17/20)

Retreat Cabin Showers

Work continues on refurbishing our toilet and shower partitions in our Retreat Cabins. Property staff is working hard to find the right paint and process but so far the work is awesome. More shine, cleaner and more resistant to moisture. (4/16/20)

Smooth Roads Ahead

After heavy rains a few weekends ago, our roads and especially the road up to the cabins had some damage. Ken Dilbeck (property manager) has them all grated and smooth again. We may be shut down but not shut out! (4/8/20)

Cleaning Comforters

Nyssa has been busy collecting comforters off beds in our Freedom Tree Village and thoroughly washing them. Just another project that needed to be done and especially done given the COVID-19 virus.  (4/3/20)

Food Service and Hospitality

Nyssa Serrano (food service manager) has been busy deep cleaning areas like the back corner of the Dining Hall. She also has been inspecting our facilities with an eye for needed improvements. Depending on volunteers, staffing, funds and more we’ll start working as we can on these needed projects that Nyssa is discovering. Nyssa has set up shop in her Dining Hall office to maintain distance and enter lists into the computer. (3/31/20)

Staff Meetings

The staff is meeting online to keep in contact and update each other on needed topics. Technology works and doesn’t work well as we have found. (3/31/20)

Task List

  • Crunching numbers.
  • Tracking a slow package shipped with UPS.
  • Continuing to check in with groups.
  • Rescheduling group rentals.
  • Checking in with volunteers.

Audrey is working hard in a remote location (home)!

Old Archery Shed Gone

This old shelter was once near the office and then relocated to a previous archery range site. Today Ken Dilbeck (Property Manager) disassembled the whole thing and removed the shed that hasn’t been used in years. (3/27/20)

Spring Reset and Repair

Canoe trailers back out for use and picnic tables reset under the Pole Barn! Thanks to Ken Dilbeck (Property Manager) for getting this project complete as well as supervising needed repairs to Meadows A roof. (3/26/2020)

Reaching Out

LOMC has been reaching out to our upcoming guests; checking in and seeing what their plans are. Audrey Adams (Registrar/Bookkeeper) has been contacting group leaders from her home letting them know about our current situation and listening to them about their challenges and plans. (3/27/20)

Retreat Cabin Partitions

Some much needed care on our Retreat Cabin bathroom partitions. Ken Dilbeck (Property Manager) is refurbishing them with our limited resources. Once painted and reinstalled they will look fantastic! (3/25/20)

Moving Forward

LOMC has lost all guests from March through (at least) April due to the pandemic. We (like many nonprofits) are feeling the financial crisis but we aren’t sitting still. Rob Gieraltowski (Executive Director) has reached out to our bank and the Small Business Administration for help and guidance. With your help as well LOMC will continue to grow. (3/25/20)

Program Director Plans

Michelle Heinrich (Program Director) has been working from home and developing plans from summer camp and beyond. (3/24/20)