Camp Grandparent Update 2019

Camp Grandparent Program Continues To Benefit Campers

LOMC is pleased to complete another great summer season for 2019 and especially thankful for all our Camp Grandparents!

The Camp Grandparent program invites adults of all ages to come and spend time with our youngest campers and especially our Day Camp program. Some grandparents are able to stay the whole week while others are able to help out for only one day. Our volunteers read to the campers, join in games, talk with children and participate throughout the day.

Our “grandparents” (many are not actually grandparents outside of camp) represent:

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Farmers
  • Surgeons
  • Social Workers
  • Librarians
  • And possibly you!!!
This year “grandparent time” moved to the Dining Hall for a half-hour of stories followed by time spent in games, puzzles, playing cards and coloring. Grandparents enjoyed helping campers make friendship bracelets each week and throughout the summer our grandparents fostered some great conversation among the group.

With our summer Day Camp program, counselors took the group swimming after lunch and returned to the Dining Hall to join our grandparent(s) for some quality fellowship together each day. It was observed that having grandparent time after swimming really helped the group be more relaxed than in previous years! Counselors and grandparents get to work together and counselors are always present with the grandparents for leadership and extra hands for help.

To help with day camp our LOMC summer staff counselors for day camp (typically Kate, Maya, Catie and Frey) developed a reward box for good behavior that was made available each Friday. Some of our camp grandparents helped stock the reward box which we greatly appreciated!!!

This program would not exist if it wasn’t for the tireless and energetic management by Linda Patterson. Linda continues to recruit, train, tweak and plan the Camp Grandparent program so that our grandparents serve the best they can and have the greatest week themselves. Thank you Grandma Linda for all you do for Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center and our Camp Grandparent Program!!!

If you would like to be a part of the program next summer, please contact the LOMC office and we will add you to the list! We would love to have you!!!

Camp Grandparents 2019

New this year:

  • Pat Msseemmaa
  • Marcia Kaminski
  • Nancy & Stan Rasmussen
  • Kathy Garbarz


  • Linda Patterson
  • Merla Brooks
  • Judy Toppert
  • Debby Smiddy
  • Pam Foelske
  • Marge Asplund
  • Cheryl Kaminski
  • Marcia Kaminski
  • Sandie Donahue
  • Margi Ficken
  • Carole Schoeck
  • Nancy & Stan Rasmussen

Special thanks to Dr. John & Esther Prabhakar for their India presentation and Pat Msseemmaa for the program on Africa during grandparent time!