COVID-19 Special Message


Updated 7.7.2022

We’re Hard At Work In Ministry

General Updates

  • For all LOMC’s summer camp programs, participants must provide proof of full vaccination in order to attend. 
    • The LOMC board will evaluate vaccination requirements in early August for fall retreats.
    • Groups booking their own retreats can have their own restrictions.
  • Mask Wearing
    • Mask wearing is optional for all groups and in all spaces.
    • As always, groups renting space and facilities are free to make their own rules and restrictions for their group members.
    • Staff will wear masks when requested by group leaders.
  • LOMC is a private retreat center.
    • We ask group leaders to take the safety of their group members seriously.
    • As of the date above, we allow group leaders to make safety decisions regarding COVID-19.
    • AT ANY TIME… local, state and federal mandates may change our policies. *EVEN after you make a reservation.
  • All of LOMC’s year-round staff are fully vaccinated.
  • No one should visit LOMC if you have symptoms, feel sick or been in close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (or really any other illness).

LOMC is closed to the general public to accommodate our guests:

Now is a great time to support LOMC in this unusual and challenging time. Financial difficulties are still challenging! Let’s work together to keep this precious ministry strong.

Our continued goal is to keep LOMC an outdoor sanctuary full of faith-filled experiences that connect us to God and each other. 

Air cleaners with UV light available for enclosed locations.

Hand sanitizer and other disinfectants in place.

UV light for area disinfection.

Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers available.


The basics as you lead your group at LOMC.

Sick? Stay Home.

Group leaders should check their participants before and during their stay for any symptoms of illness.

Use Protective Equipment

Consider wearing a face mask/covering to reduce yours and others’ risk.

Wash Your Hands

Proper hygiene is a good practice ALL the time but washing hands after entering any building is just one practice that helps reduce risk. Don’t touch your face is another!

General Questions Answered