Household Getaway

Household Getaway

Hotel-quality Housing, Cabins with Bunks and Campground available

Experience God and Creation With Your Household

Most photos feature our premier Freedom Tree Village.

Household Getaway Is Designed For Immediate Households – 2 to 6 People

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  • Pets are not allowed in buildings. Pets are allowed in the campground.
  • During summer months, activities are not provided as staff are off on weekends due to summer camp.

We appreciate your understanding and help!


Your Household Can Enjoy Time Away

You do not have to be Lutheran to enjoy LOMC. We are a retreat center for everybody.

Lodging Details

Two-Night Stay


Freedom Tree Village

Hotel-Quality Lodging

$190 for 2 Night Stay
Limited Time $50 grant*=$140
Two Rooms For up to 4 People
$95 per room for additional guests.

2 Lodges Available

Up to 6 fully heated/air conditioned bedrooms each with their own bathroom.

Bedrooms have two twin-sized beds (some with a third additional bed)

Bedding, towels and pillow provided.

Common room with couches, chairs, fireplace, TV (dvd only, bring your own streaming device), hotel-sized refrigerators, coffee maker, microwave and more. 

High Speed Internet / Wifi

Outdoor cement patio and back bedrooms have decks.

Marander and Dody do not have kitchens.

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Retreat Cabins

Comfortable Cabins With Bunks
Limited Availability in Winter Months

$160 for 2 Nights
Limited Time $50 grant*=$110
For up to 4 People
$20 per person for additional guests

4 main rooms with 4 bunk beds each.

Please bring your own bedding (or sleeping bags), pillows and towels. 

Fully heated and air conditioned.

2 bathrooms: Each with sinks, toilet stall and 2 showers.

Middle room has additional bunks and room for activities.

Exclusive access to our
Perch or Roost buildings:

  • Both buildings have an open floor plan for playing table games, meals and other activities.
  • Active games are not allowed. It’s not equipped to be a gym.
  • A hotel-size refrigerator and small microwave is available in the Perch or Roost building for your exclusive use during your stay. Meals should only be prepared and eaten in the Perch or Roost buildings.
  • TV Cart with Blu-Ray Player
    Limited WIFI in our Perch and Roost Buildings.

Coffee Drinkers: Please bring your own coffee maker and supplies.
Restroom located off of the main area.

Retreat Cabins and Perch/Roost do not have kitchens.

* $50 grant for Freedom Tree and Retreat Cabins made possible by several Illinois ELCA Lutheran churches.

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Tent Camping With Pavilion/Bathroom

$50 Program Fee With Access
to Large Campsite – 2
Campsites Available
$10 per night extra for electrical/water hookup

Shady campground near Paul’s Pond.
Fire pits and picnic tables available.

Please bring your own tent, camping equipment and ice for coolers.
You may search for firewood along tree lines.

Tent and Trailer Pavilion: Your household will have access to the campground shower house which includes toilets, sinks and showers.
Pavilion also has a covered area with picnic tables.

No wifi/internet available in our campground.

No activities are included with campground.

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Stuff-To-Do in Oregon

Explore the Area!


An opportunity not limited to households with school-age children. Enjoy time together in a peaceful location! Activities included!


Features and Details

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