Medical Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Medical Staff Needed

Summer Camp Season

Join Us In Keeping Summer a Safe Season

LOMC is looking for those in the medical field with experience/certifications to help be on-call during our weeks of summer camp. Your help is ever needed to support our summer staff in caring for the mental, physical and emotional needs of our campers.

  • Volunteer position: You will be working alongside our Health Coordinator to aid in the healthcare needs of campers and staff.
  • Stay Onsite: If you are not local to Oregon-Mt. Morris, IL area, we provide accommodations in our hotel-style Freedom Tree Village with your own room/bathroom and bedding/linens provided. All meals from Sunday night through Friday afternoon are provided in our Moline Dining Hall along with our campers and staff. As a volunteer, there is no charge for meals or accommodations.
  • On-Call: To provide the most comprehensive and immediate care for campers, volunteers and staff – we are seeking extra, experienced support from those in the medical field. When things go well, your volunteer time will allow you to rest, hike, read and even enjoy the local sights. In the past, some weeks are downright quiet with few first aid needs or complicated camper care situations. Other times having a caring expert is key to having an amazing faith experience for everyone.
  • Typical Needs: Cuts, bruises, allergies, insect bites, dispensing medications, minor accidents and helping make decisions on escalating care.
  • COVID: All volunteers, staff and campers are asked to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and masking wearing is expected inside all buildings.
  • Camp Week: Campers arrive on Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon. Ideally, we are looking for volunteer medical staff during the whole week but we can accommodate partial weeks as well.
  • Background Check: All staff and volunteers working with campers will need to have a clear background check on file with LOMC.

Fill out the short form below to let us know about you and your availability.