New Meeting Room

New Meeting Room Created

We are excited to soon begin using a new meeting room located in the back of the LOMC Office. As many know, the Office was originally a house for the Barber dairy farm. As it happens to all households, offices and business: a room left open can easily turn into a storage area and well, that what happened to the back room.

At Memorial Day Work Weekend, staff, summer staff and volunteers cleared out the room to be used by our summer staff coordinators and TONS of junk was tossed, recycled and reused. Now the room could be used for more than just a huge closet. Unfortunately the air conditioner wasn’t working and it was a long hot summer for Mel our summer coordinator.

Thanks to a Thrivent Action Team we were able to purchase almost all the flooring needed to improve the room after summer was over. A new paint job by Nyssa (Food Service Manager) made the room cleaner and updated! Mr. Rob (Executive Director) laid the floor and the baseboard this past week and Audrey (Retreat Business Manager) brought us new light plate and outlet covers to help finish the room. Ken (Facility Manager) is busy cutting the metal threshold to get the doors back up.

We were really excited to receive (from our Amazon Wish List) a new portable air-conditioner/dehumidifier/heater for the new meeting room donated by Jean and Jerry Gieraltowski! The room did not have any heat or A/C so this will make this new room usable throughout the year. Speaking of use… this room makes a perfect place for staff and others to have a meeting, work on projects or just take a break.  We have a few more touches to work on but soon… a new room for LOMC.

We are pondering names for the room. Any thoughts? 

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