Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent Action Teams

If you are a Thrivent member you MAY have up to TWO Thrivent Action Teams available to you EACH YEAR. Each action team is designed to bring volunteers together and provides $250 in seed money to complete each project (plus awesome t-shirts).

Consider using one or both of your Thrivent Action Teams to benefit LOMC!

Take a look below at our current needs and fill out the simple form below to let us know you can help. You will need to log into your Thrivent account to see if your profile/account has Action Teams available.

From Thrivent’s Website:
Thrivent Action Teams make it easy to live generously. It starts with a simple question: “Who can I help and how?”
Next, identify a community need and grab friends and family to form a volunteer team and brainstorm ways to address it. Thrivent provides a customized kit of resources to kick-start your fundraiser, educational event or service project. Your team provides the people power to bring it to life.

For more information visit their website…

How To Help Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center

  • Pick a Thrivent Action Team idea from below or come up with a new idea.
  • Fill out LOMC’s form so we know who is creating which Thrivent Action Team.
    • Sometimes we have more than one person submitting the same Action Team and one will get rejected.
    • We will get back to you promptly to let you know if everything is a GO on our end.
  • Go to Thrivent’s website, login and submit your Action Team.
    • Thrivent wants Action Team leaders to be involved in the project.
    • Thrivent prefers the Action Team kit be sent to the Team Leader.
  • Feel free to add t-shirts and other items as a part of the Action Team. LOMC will use them.

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Health and Safety


Retreat Cabins

Program Needs


Current and Recently Completed Action Teams

Resident House Painting

Linda Patterson is leading an Action Team to repaint the resident house at the entrance to LOMC. The house will get a new coat of paint both improving the looks and protecting the wood siding.
(Spring 2023)

Marander Rooms Painting

Margi Ficken is leading an Action Team to re-paint guest rooms in our Marander Lodge.
(Spring 2023)


Audrey Adams is leading an Action Team to purchase and plant flowers and other plants around LOMC.
(Spring 2023)

Macro Invertebrate Study

Rob Gieraltowski is leading an Action Team that will help guests and campers learn about the world of insects living in our pond and creek.
(Spring 2023)

LOMC Board Retreat

Rob Gieraltowski led an Action Team for a LOMC board of directors retreat. The board met to discuss current changes in outdoor ministry, current LOMC context and future while looking at mission and core values.
(Spring 2023)


CRE Event

Michelle Wandersee led an Action Team for Northern Illinois Synod’s Congregational Resourcing Event. The LOMC presentation engaged participants with their own hand-crafted, palm-sized labyrinths.
(Spring 2023)

Archived Action Teams

Archived Action Teams

Archived Action Teams

Archived Action Teams

Archived Action Teams

Archived Action Teams

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