Wonderful Support in May

Action Teams, Giving Tuesday and In-Kind Gifts

May Has Been A Great Month To Help LOMC

Action Teams

This month we had two Thrivent Action Teams completed at LOMC with a third finishing up shortly.

Pr. Carla Thompson Powell organized a team to come out to LOMC and complete some needed upkeep on our Prayer Labyrinth. The group pulled weeds, repaired bare spots with new rock and did some planting. The labyrinth is a favorite spot for groups (and passing animals too) to enjoy peace and focus.

Margi Ficken also organized a Thrivent Action Team to both add needed trail signage and paint our Meadows Roost and Timbers Perch meeting buildings. After creating a new segment of trail that leads to Meadows and Timbers Retreat Cabins, we needed a new sign to point guests in the right direction. With the seed money from the Action Team we were also able to add a new sign to further direct hikers to Levi’s Cave. Custom signs and posts were purchased and staff and volunteers installed them in early May. Painting of the meeting building is progressing and should be finished soon.

If you are a Thrivent Financial member you also have two Action Teams each year that is designed to help a service project or fundraiser for a non-profit. At LOMC we have numerous ideas for Thrivent Action Teams and the wording you can copy and paste into Thrivent’s forms. Consider using your Action Teams to help LOMC or another non-profit you love.

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Giving Tuesday and More!

On Tuesday, May 4, LOMC held their bi-annual Giving Tuesday event raising funds to support LOMC. In the days leading up to May 4 and on the day of the event LOMC raised over $22,000 that will help LOMC continue to provide an amazing place for people to connect with God, each other and nature. Congregations and individuals made wonderful donations through LOMC’s online platform and through Facebook. To top it all off, $10,500 was matched to get us to the $22,515 total. Board members, staff and donors raised the $10,500 before the day of the event and the matching gift certainly helped put this fundraiser OVER the top.

We also highlight an anonymous donor who contributed to both Giving Tuesday and funds to purchase a heavy-duty truck that we can use to plow (and use throughout the year). $25,000 was donated to help both of these causes which in light of the COVID downturns is an amazing gift to help LOMC. Thank you to this donor and all our wonderful donors!

In-Kind Gifts

Vehicles at LOMC take a beating! Dirt roads, driving off road, hauling people and things; they all add up to wear and tear. Our main pickup truck (Toyota Tundra) had been serving us well until the rear bumper fell off while try to tow a trailer.

Thanks to former summer staff member, Nathan Knowles, we have a new Ford F150 truck. Nathan graciously donated his old vehicle to LOMC and we are already putting it to great use! Nathan and his spouse, K-Rae, are both former summer staff of LOMC and fond supporters of the outdoor ministry. Their gift could not have come at a better time!

LOMC was also surprised to have a delivery of items off our AmazonSmile Charity List. LOMC has numerous needed items on the charity list that can help various areas of LOMC’s ministry. Thanks to (a still) anonymous donor we received:

-2 Electric Tea Kettles to be used in Freedom Tree lodges.
-5 Sets of Illinois Nature Guides to be used to identify everything from birds to trees.
-2 Duel Cast Iron Pie Irons
-2 Hotel-quality Showerheads

To view our Amazon Charity List, click here…