Fishing Club

LOMC Now Offers New Club Opportunity


Why A Club?

We love everyone who likes to fish our Paul’s Pond! Over the years we have run into problems with being simply “open” to the public. A club approach allows us to know who is coming onsite and also gives us the ability to contact those in the club about dates we are not open and other important information. A small yearly fee also allows LOMC to continue to maintain our trails and pond.

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is private property with over 600 acres, a fishing pond and miles of hiking trails.

$20 per year for individuals
$40 per year for an immediate families

After you register you will receive a placard and sticker for your vehicle that will need to be displayed from the rearview mirror when you are onsite at LOMC.

Please fill out an online waiver each year.

You may bring one guest with you each visit (please have them fill out an online waiver as well).

**For groups wanting to fish please go to the Day Events page…

Club Membership is good for ONE calendar year (expires each Dec. 31).


Fishing at the pond will be open to all who register for the Fishing Club as well as registered guests of LOMC.
LOMC is private property and open only to registered guests and club members.

Each time you visit, you must sign-in at the LOMC Office.
Fishing is allowed from sunrise to sunset only.

A valid fishing license is required by the State of Illinois.

You may fish from the dock or anywhere from the shore.
Boats are not permitted on the pond for insurance reasons.
Wading and swimming is not allowed.

Ice fishing is permitted once the pond has a depth of 4″ or more of ice.

Please take out anything you bring with you including: bait, lures, fishing line and garbage.

No restrooms are available.

We are closed to club members at these times:
We are closed to fishing throughout the summer to accommodate summer camps and weekend groups.
Non-summer months there may be times when the pond is closed when groups are onsite.

Taking of Fish
ONE Bass per day (14″ or longer) may be kept.
Six Bluegill per day may be kept.
All other fish may not be kept and must be released.