Retreat (Together)

RETREAT (Together)

Start Here For Your Overnight Retreat At LOMC

Relax, Review, Regroup, Plan, Prepare

Information is on this page for all groups (crafting, youth, church, etc.) wanting to reserve space.

Church Leaders

Your team has many things to consider and plan for as fall or the holidays approach. Let LOMC be a place for your staff and volunteers to come together to ponder the joys and challenges of ministry in this new COVID-19 context.

Youth, Children and Family Groups

Bring your small group to LOMC to experience community (together) after being apart. Enjoy comfortable and clean facilities whether a church, scout, family or other group.

Adult Small Groups and Crafting Groups

Journey out into creation (together) as you enjoy each other’s presence and engage in uplifting experiences whether Bible study, crafting, archery or hiking.

You do not have to be Lutheran to enjoy LOMC. We are a retreat center for everybody.

Summer Months Activity Notice

June/July/August-Activities are not offered as staff have weekends off. Lots of options for on-your-own.

Freedom Tree Has All New Mattresses And Bedding!

Where Can Our Group Stay?

Freedom Tree Village

Hotel-Quality Lodging
Minimum of 2 rooms to reserve a building.

Per Room Rates
No Minimum night stay.
$95 per room
(per night, double occupancy)
$25 extra for triple occupancy

For more details on fees, please see the FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

Marander and Dody buildings can sleep up to 12 comfortably and 18 people total in fully heated/air conditioned bedrooms (each with their own bathroom).

Each building has 6 rooms.
All rooms have 3 twin-sized beds.

Bedding, towels and pillow provided.

Each building has a great room with couches, chairs, fireplace, TV (dvd & Roku with guest mode), hotel-sized refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and more.

High speed Internet / Wi-Fi

Outdoor cement patio and back bedrooms have decks.

Exclusive use of the Hospitality Center (meeting-room building) can be rented for an additional fee.

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Retreat Cabins

Comfortable Cabins With Bunks
4 Buildings Available

$20 per person (per night)
For details, see FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

5 Rooms With Bunks In Each Cabin
32 people Per Cabin
Minimum Number To Reserve is 6 People Per Cabin

Total capacity in 4 cabins is 128 people.

Please bring your own bedding (or sleeping bags), pillows and towels.

Fully heated and air conditioned.

2 bathrooms: Each with sinks, toilet stall and 2 showers.

Middle room (5th room) has additional bunks and limited room for activities.

Exclusive access to our
Perch or Roost meeting-room buildings
For more details see info below

Perch and Roost buildings have an open-floor plan with restroom, TV and Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi, microwave and small fridge.

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Retreat Cabin Info for Group Leaders


May-Early October

Tent Camping With Pavilion/Shower house
2 Large Tent Campsites with Adjacent Trailer Area

$25 per reservation (per night).
2 tents per campsite/reservation.
1-6 people per campsite/reservation.

Groups of 25 or more:
$5 per person/per night

No activities are included.
Enjoy many on-your-own activities at LOMC and in the Oregon area.

Non-refundable, must be paid in full at time of reservation.
$10 extra per night for electrical/water.
For details including group camping, see FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

Tree shaded campground near Paul’s Pond.
Fire pits and picnic tables available.

Please bring your own tent, camping equipment and ice for coolers.
You may search for firewood along tree lines.

Tent and Trailer Pavilion: Access to our shower house and picnic area.

Wifi/internet is not available in our campground.

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Check-In 3:30pm | Check-Out 10:30am

Freedom Tree Village

Retreat Cabins

Tent and Trailer Campground

Can You Book A Retreat Sooner?

If your group can be at LOMC within the next 18 days we have special pricing available.

Stuff-To-Do in Oregon

Explore the Area!

Leader Considerations and Information

Each participant must have a completed online waiver. Use button below.

Housing and Meeting Information



Can You Book A Retreat Sooner?

If your group can be at LOMC within the next 18 days we have special pricing available.

Stuff-To-Do in Oregon

Explore the Area!

Come Out To LOMC For The Day

Overnight too long? Consider bringing your small group up for just a day.

For more details visit this page…