Meal Service

Due to supply costs and staffing challenges, we reserve the right at any time to implement restrictions, change prices and adjust for safety.

We Can Help Your Household or Group!

LOMC can provide meal service for your group’s day or overnight events.
In addition to our meal service for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – there are many great options in nearby Oregon, IL.

Due to costs and availability, we can only provide meals for groups of 5 or more.

We serve one meal choice for the entire group. We love to provide meals for your group!
Our food service is similar to a catering-style. We are unable to provide individual choices for each of your group members (restaurant-style).

A kitchen is only available for Freedom Tree Village guests and with an additional fee.

Local Restaurant Websites
Alfano’s (Italian) | Blackhawk Steak PitChina King |Father + Son Pizzeria
Hazel’s Cafe | Hector’s Cocina | Spring Valley
Sunrise III | The Village Bakery

Fast Food Options: Dairy Queen, McDonald’s and Subway

Google Maps Restaurant Link


Available Menus:

Menu Options and Pricing

Groups can pick from any of the menu options no matter where they are staying.

Don’t Want To Choose? We Can Create A Menu For You.

Special Diets can be accommodated. $1 extra per person/per meal.



Meals are served either by buffet or serving line.

Breakfast Options

$12 per person
(choose ONE for your group)

All breakfasts include: Cereal, Milk, Orange Juice, Coffee, Hot Water (Tea), Water and Fruit.

LOMC Classic
Scrambled eggs, Hash Browns, Bacon, Biscuits and Gravy

French Toast
French toast, Sausage, Hash Browns and Yogurt (with berries and granola)

Choose one: Broccoli, Spinach, Ham, Sausage, Bacon or Plain Quiche
You may also combine up to two items: Bacon, Hash Browns and Yogurt (with berries and granola)

Oatmeal Bake
Baked Oatmeal, Sausage and Yogurt (with berries and granola)

Breakfast Burritos
Flour tortilla with scrambled eggs and sausage. Toppings available.

Pancakes and Sausage


Lunch Options

$14 per person
(choose ONE for your group)

All lunches include: Milk, Water, Iced Tea, Fruit, Salad and a Dessert

Creamed Chicken Over Biscuit

Baked Potato Bar
(Minimum of 15, 30 person limit)

(Choose Up To Two Options)
(Minimum of 15, 30 person limit)
Chicken Noodle, Chili, Potato, Chicken With Wild Rice, Tomato Basil, Minestrone, Broccoli Cheese, Vegetable Beef

Chicken Chunks
Chicken nuggets with tater tots.

Served with potato chips.

Sloppy Joes
Served with tater tots.


Dinner Options

$16 per person
(choose ONE for your group) 

All dinners include: Milk, Water, Coffee, Hot Water (Tea), Iced Tea, Fruit, Salad, Roll, Vegetable and a Dessert

Ham with Cheesy Hash Browns

Roast Beef and Mashed Potato

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Wild Rice

Lasagna Roll with Meat Sauce

Turkey with Stuffing

Chicken Breast with Roasted Potatoes



Select a cookout snack for your group!

What is better than s’mores around a campfire! Use one of our many campfire sites and enjoy a snack over the fire.


$2 per person

Chocolate Bars
Graham Crackers

2 s’mores per person

Metal Cooking Sticks Provided
(Must be returned)



We can help you plan a cookout for your group!

We give you all the supplies to have your own cookout. LOMC will provide you with a campfire site, wood, fire starter, cooking utensils, meal supplies and place wear. Please note that cooking outdoors takes significantly more time than other meals that are prepared for you. Larger groups (8+) will need even more time and will need a larger fire for cooking in order to accommodate everyone in the group.

**LOMC staff do not cook the meal for you. If you are not experienced in cookouts over a fire, please talk to us about our availability in getting your meal started.

Hot Dogs or Brats

$8 per person

Choose hotdogs or brats
Potato chips
Veggie sticks, fruit, dessert

We supply cooking sticks to cook hot dogs over a fire.

Pizza Pockets

$8 per person

Mozzarella cheese
Veggie sticks, fruit, dessert

The pizza pockets are cooked over a fire in pie tins.
We have a limited number of pie irons.

Walking Tacos

$8 per person

Bags of Fritos
Ground Beef
Tomatoes, Cheese
Taco Seasonings
Veggie sticks, fruit, dessert

Ground beef is cooked over a fire in a pan and mixed with seasoning.
Everything is added (to taste) to Frito bags!