Special Features

Paul’s Pond

Paul’s Pond is beautiful location for fishing, canoeing and hiking. The pond is named in honor of Bishop Paul Erickson who was the bishop of the Illinois Synod and very instrumental in the support of LOMC.

The pond is stocked with a variety of fish and features a small dock and several locations accessible to the shore line for fishing. Fishing is available to all guest groups but public fishing is prohibited. Local residents may join LOMC’s Fishing Club for a yearly pass to fish the pond.

Human Foosball

Get your teams together while on retreat at LOMC and play a round or two of human foosball. A fun way to build teamwork as you grab the pole, maneuver left and right and then kick the ball to score!


A small playground is available for our younger retreat guests and is located between our Norm Nelson Program Center and the LOMC Office. A great place for little ones to play among the great white oak trees!

Team Building Course

A popular special opportunity for guests at LOMC to aid in building trust, teamwork, patience and planning. Let us guide your group in working together on any number of our awesome team building elements. Work together to complete THE WALL, WHALE WATCH, TIRE SWING, ROPE SWING and more. The team building course must be reserved and led by LOMC staff.

Gaga Ball Court

A favorite at LOMC for its fast fun and fantastic game play, this group game is like dodgeball but low impact. When your group is onsite please talk to a LOMC staff person about using one of our Gaga balls.

For more about the game Gaga Ball, visit this link.


Drama Drum

In the old days when the land was a dairy farm, this special spot at LOMC was the base of a farm silo. Today the Drama Drum is a wooden deck that serves as a great place for worship or any other type of presentation featuring grass lawn all around it and conveniently located near the Pole Barn, Dining Hall and Norm Nelson Program Center.

Archery Range

As one of our newest additions, the Tim Geissler Memorial Archery Range is a thrilling experience for anyone interested in handling a bow and arrow.

Our trained staff take you through all you need to know to have fun and excitement with our compound bows at LOMC. The archery range is just behind our Norm Nelson Program Center.

Basketball Court

Tucked away in the trees, our basketball court is open for all types of games and activities. The court is just steps away from our Norm Nelson Program Center and a short distance from the LOMC Office and our Tent and Trailer area.


Rebuilt a few years ago, this adorable belltower sits across from the Dining Hall. While you are visiting, feel free to give it a ring!


Interpretative Trail

Hike our paths and encounter special trail stations that will provide you with nature, prayer and inspirational resources to help you connect more fully with God and nature.



Hiking Trails

Take a hike! With over 600 acres, our trails will take you through prairies, the pond, ravines and along St. Peter sandstone. Be amazed at the all the unique flora and fauna that God has provided! Our guests can spend hours taking in the beauty of God through nature. Visit Barber’s Cliff, Turtle Hill, Paul’s Pond, Levi’s Cave, Stony Point, Railroad Ridge and so much more.

Hiking is by permission only as LOMC is private-property. Please visit this page for more information.


Located near our Marander Lodge (in the Freedom Tree Village), “John the Baptist” emerges from the forest to proclaim the Word of God.

The sculpture was created by renowned local artist, Jeff Adams in memory of a long-serving executive director, the Reverend Doctor (Jack) John E. Swanson.

David’s Loft

Built in memory of David Larson, this treehouse loft is located “up top” near our team building course. A peaceful place for Bible study, reflection, relaxation and casual conversation.

To use David’s Loft while you are staying onsite, please talk to a LOMC staff member.

Prayer Labyrinth

The Prayer Labyrinth is a unique opportunity to connect with God surrounded by nature. A favorite spot for people of all ages! Walk the labyrinth day or night and enjoy a peaceful time of contemplating, relaxation and prayer. Contrary to popular thought, the labyrinth is not a maze – there is one path from beginning to end. Be renewed!

Geocache Course

Explore LOMC in a fun and unique way. Using the WHAT3WORDS app or website you can locate hidden geocaches. We have several geocaches hidden throughout LOMC, and many caches have a prize or SWAG too! Geocache instructions and locations are available to guests of LOMC. This is a great on-your-own activity for groups or households to experience.

Download more info here…



The in-ground pool is located next to our Moline Dining Hall and is a perfect place to relax on a hot summer day!

The pool house features ample private changing areas and restroom/shower accommodations. Please contact the LOMC office for availability. The pool is operated only in summer months and extra fees apply to cover lifeguards for weekend groups. We do not open the pool without LOMC lifeguards on duty.