Freedom Tree


Marander and Dody

Forget the tents and bunks and find country comfort in our Marander Lodge and Dody House at Freedom Tree Village. Accommodations at Freedom Tree Village gives you the hotel-quality experience for adults and families looking for a wonderful and peaceful setting.

Building Features:

  • 6 Rooms with THREE twin-size beds.
    • Maximum capacity is 18 per building and 36 total for both buildings.
  • Each room has its own bathroom (with shower)
  • Each room has it’s own heating and cooling
  • Pillow, Linens and towels are provided
  • Wi-Fi available throughout Freedom Tree Village
  • Great room features a comfortable space for household and small groups alike:
    • Comfortable seating with couches and other seating
    • Wood-burning fireplace
    • Hotel-size refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Coffee-maker with coffee supplies
    • TV on cart with blu-ray player (Roku with guest mode available.)
    • Games and puzzles
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Meeting Space

Hawkins Hospitality Center

The Hawkins Hospitality Center is the first building in the village that greets you will a large carport and features meeting and dining space for your group. If your group needs space for seminars, crafting, activities and dining, our Hospitality Center is conveniently located next to both Dody House and Marander Lodge. The main room of the Hospitality Center features large windows looking out into the forest that surrounds Freedom Tree Village.

Building Features:

  • Meeting room
    • Round or rectangular tables for dining and meeting use.
    • Accommodates 40 for chairs-only setup.
    • Accommodates up to 30 for seating at tables.
    • For smaller groups, there is space to meet on one side of the main room and enjoy dining experiences on the other side.
  • Entryway for lounging and registration use and includes restrooms
  • Ice machine available for guests
  • Wi-Fi available throughout Freedom Tree Village (indoors and out)
  • Hymnals, upright piano and a custom unique wooden altar available for retreat and worship use
  • Large outdoor deck with picnic tables and covered bridge
  • Optional drink service is available for an extra fee
    • Continuous service coffee, hot water and hot cocoa
    • Tea bags, water and drink condiments provided
  • Equipment available (may be an extra fee)
    • Large 55″ flat-screen TV on cart (with blu-ray)
    • Video projector with screen
    • Small sound system
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