Day Use

If LOMC has guests on site, a sign will be posted at our entrance on Route 2 letting visitors know that LOMC is currently closed to the public.

If the sign is up we are closed.
We do monitor visitors and will ask you to leave if the sign is up.

Day Use At LOMC

LOMC is pleased to offer the follow activities for day-use visitors:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Mushroom Hunting

(Please sign in at the office once again. Thanks)

Please be aware of these items:

  • Use of LOMC is at your own risk.
    • LOMC assumes no liability or responsibility for day-use visitors.
  • 7am-Sunset only please (year-round)
  • ALL VISITORS must sign in at the LOMC Office.
  • If LOMC has guests onsite, we are CLOSED to the public.
  • Please leave no garbage and all pets must be leased (at all times).
  • Restrooms are not available for visitor use.
  • Pond is available for fishing only (from shore or dock). No swimming or boating.
  • If LOMC is closed, visitors will be asked to leave. Please adhere to our policy.
  • As a non-profit, we rely on donations to keep LOMC a safe and wonderful place to visit. If you frequently visit LOMC, consider making a donation to help us maintain the property.

Consider a Donation

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