Retreat (Together)

Relax, Review, Regroup, Plan, Prepare

Information is on this page for all groups (crafting, church, etc.) wanting to reserve space.

We currently have restrictions on guests from certain states.
Please visit our COVID-19 page for more info.

Church Leaders

Your team has many things to consider and plan for as fall or the holidays approach. Let LOMC be a place for your staff and volunteers to come together to ponder the joys and challenges of ministry in this new COVID-19 context.

Youth, Children and Family Groups

Bring your small group to LOMC to experience community (together) after being apart. Enjoy comfortable and clean facilities whether a church, scout, family or other group.

Adult Small Groups and Crafting Groups

Journey out into creation (together) as you enjoy each other’s presence and engage in uplifting experiences whether Bible study, crafting, archery or hiking.

You do not have to be Lutheran to enjoy LOMC. We are a retreat center for everybody.

We continue in this time of COVID-19 of using all best practices to keep our facilities safer, clean and disinfected.

Where Can Our Group Stay?



Tent Camping With Pavilion/Showerhouse
Large Tent Campsite with Adjacent Trailer Area

$25 per campsite (per night).

Non-refundable, must be paid in full at time of reservation.
$5 extra per night for electrical.
For details including group camping, see FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

For safety we are allowing one group to stay at the campground at a time.
Group camping should have an approved safety plan to limit COVID-19 transmission.

The best practice is one person per tent.
(unless from the same family)

Shady campground near Paul’s Pond.
Fire pits and picnic tables available.

Please bring your own tent and camping equipment.
Ice is available but please bring or search for your own firewood.

Tent and Trailer Pavilion: Access to our shower house and picnic area.

No wifi/internet available in our campground.

For more photos and info click here…

Freedom Tree Village

Hotel-Quality Lodging

Minimum two-night stay.
$80 per person/per night for WEEKENDS.
Friday and Saturday nights (3 days, 2 nights)

No minimum night-stay.
$72 per person/per night for WEEKDAYS.
Minimum of 5 to reserve a building.

For more details on fees, please see the FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

Marander and Dody buildings can sleep up to 6 people in fully heated/air conditioned bedrooms (each with their own bathroom).

Bedrooms have two twin-sized beds.

Bedding and towels provided.
Please bring your own pillow.

Each building has a great room with couches, chairs, fireplace, TV (dvd only, bring your own streaming device), hotel-sized refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and more.

High speed Internet / Wifi

Outdoor cement patio and back bedrooms have decks.

Exclusive use of the Hospitality Center (meeting-room building) can be rented for an additional fee.

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Retreat Cabins

Comfortable Cabins With Bunks
4 Buildings Available

$50 per person/per night
Each cabin sleeps up to 12 (use lower bunks only).
We recommend keeping the size to 10 people for even lower risk.
For details, see FEES and OTHER DETAILS below.

4 main rooms with 4 bunk beds each.
COVID Limit: 3 people per room. 12 total per building.
(There is a fifth room with metal bunks if you prefer to spread your group out more.)

Please bring your own bedding (or sleeping bags), pillows and towels.

Fully heated and air conditioned.

2 bathrooms: Each with sinks, toilet stall and 2 showers.

Middle room has additional bunks and room for activities.

Exclusive access to our
Perch or Roost meeting-room buildings
For more details see info below

Perch and Roost buildings have an open-floor plan with restroom, TV and Blu-ray player, Wifi, microwave and small fridge.

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Retreat Cabin Info for Group Leaders

Tent and Trailer Campground

Freedom Tree Village

Retreat Cabins


The basics as you lead your group at LOMC.

Sick? Stay Home.

Group leaders should check their participants before and during their stay for any symptoms of illness.

Keep Your Distance

Physical distancing (6ft. minimum) throughout your stay will reduce the risk!

Use Protective Equipment

Wear a face mask/covering at all times to reduce yours and others’ risk.

Wash Your Hands

Proper hygiene is a good practice ALL the time but washing hands after entering any building is just one practice that helps reduce risk. Don’t touch your face is another!

Leader Considerations and Information

Each participant must have a completed online waiver. Use button below.

Group Leader Considerations

  • Fewest people possible of non-related passengers.
  • Ensure the maximum space between passengers.
  • Everyone in the vehicle should wear face-coverings/masks.
  • Consider having most participants transport themselves if at all possible.


  • Do not allow anyone to attend your retreat who is sick or who has been recently ill.
  • LOMC requires screenings (temperature, symptom checks) both before and during your event.
    • We have a small number of non-contact thermometers you may use during your stay.
    • Please screen for temperature and other symptoms.
  • LOMC fully cleans and disinfects all sleeping, activity and dining areas before and during your group’s stay.
  • We utilize CDC/EPA approved disinfectant as well as employing an electrostatic sprayer.
  • Our staff are checking temperatures each day they work.
  • Your group should supply their own face-masks and we recommend bringing a personal supply of hand sanitizer.
  • Everyone should be assigned a room (and bed for cabins) for the entire stay by the group leader. No one should move to another room unless an emergency.
  • We will disinfect areas again during your full-day only when your group is out of the building. We may need your group to leave a space for a short time.
    • Retreat Cabin rooms will be included in re-disinfecting.
    • Freedom Tree individual rooms will not be re-disinfected during your stay due to the one-per-room requirement. Marander’s and Dody’s great/common rooms will be disinfected during your full-day.
  • LOMC does not provide medical care
    • LOMC does not have staff on-hand for any medical care and group leaders are responsible for caring for their participants.
    • In the event someone from your group is ill, we can provide an isolation area until someone can come and take your participant home.
    • Sick participants (depending on age and ability) can either leave for home themselves (adults) or have a family member pick them up (adults or minors). If the participant is diagnosed with COVID-19, all those in contact with the participant should be isolated at home and tested.
    • A local hospital (KSB Hospital in Dixon, IL) is approximately 20 minutes from LOMC for emergencies.
  • Handwashing
    • Group leaders are responsible for reminding participants to continuously wash their hands.
    • Immediately upon entering any building, hands should always be washed or sanitized.
    • LOMC provides soap in each bathroom and restroom. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout LOMC. We do recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer for convenience and to reduce personal risk.


  • Group stays are limited to three days and two nights to minimize risks.
  • Group participants must be able to maintain the standard 6 foot distance.
    • Think about how distancing changes your retreat.
    • What activities will you have to forego?
    • Depending on the number of participants, LOMC games like Human Foosball and Gaga Ball may not provide enough space to ensure the 6 foot distance needed. Other activities may require individuals to wait at a distance before being able to participate.
    • What meaningful activities can you do instead?
    • Everything from prayer activities to food/snacks may need to be modified.
  • Due to precautions and restrictions, please plan on meals and other activities taking longer than usual due to disinfecting, hand washing and the like.
  • LOMC will work in partnership with you to help you lead your retreat safely and to make it an amazing experience.


Housing and Meeting Information


  • Maximum of 25 people (12 or less is preferable)
    • 1 campsite total
    • 2 night minimum for weekends.
    • Select from areas with picnic tables and campfire pits.
    • Limited electrical sites available for an additional fee.
  • Shower house available
    • Men’s and Women’s toilet and shower stalls in each side.
    • Groups will have access to both Men’s and Women’s sides if needed for safety.
  • Pavilion Available
    • Covered area with picnic tables with the shower house connected.
  • Supplies
    • Water and ice available
    • Please bring your own firewood or search for your own in our woods (no cutting down of any trees)
  • Considerations
    • Leaders need to consider many details such as number and size of tents. Ideally those staying in tents should be six feet away from others which is often difficult.
    • All tent campers should sleep head to foot. Heads should never be next to one another while sleeping.
    • No switching tents and those who traveled together should stay in tents together.
    • Be outdoors and out of tents as much as possible.
Click for larger version.
  • Maximum of 12 people per cabins
    • 4 cabins total (not to exceed 40 people total)
    • 2 night minimum for weekends
    • Bring your own sleeping bag (or sheets) and pillow.
    • No more than 4 per room (recommend 3 per room)
      • Sleeping in bottom bunks only
      • Head-to-toe, 6 ft. apart
      • 5 Rooms total
  • Bathroom Considerations
    • Limit to one-at-a-time for lowest risk.
    • No more than 1 person at the sink.
  • Wearing masks inside is recommended.
  • LOMC cabins have 3 separate heating and cooling systems that will further reduce risk of transmission of disease.
  • CLICK HERE for Retreat Cabin info for group leaders.


Click for larger image.

Located in Timbers and Meadows Villages (Retreat Cabins)

  • Open floor plan
  • Face-coverings (masks) are
    recommended for all inside groups.
  • 6 foot distance applies to all inside groups.
  • Two walls have windows that can be opened for maximum airflow.
  • Building features:
    • Heat and air conditioning.
    • Single restroom.
    • TV with Blu-ray player on a mobile cart.
    • Microwave
    • Hotel-size refrigerator
    • Couches, tables and chairs.
    • Outside deck with picnic tables.
    • Limited Wifi/Internet is now available (mobile hotspot with limited speed)
  • Building use is for meetings and similar activities. The space cannot be used for active play (it is not a gym)
  • Maximums:
    • 4 long tables in each building (may be tight)
    • 2 people per long table (sitting on ends)


Click for larger version.

Marander Lodge and Dody House

  • Hotel quality lodging.
  • Maximum of 6 people per building (6 rooms each).
  • 2 night minimum for weekends.
  • 2 buildings total.
  • 1 person per room (six rooms in each building).
    • Unless from same household
  • Wearing masks inside the great/common room is recommended.
  • Linens provided. Bring your own pillow.
  • Each room has its own bathroom.
Click the image to zoom.

Hospitality Center
Located at Freedom Tree Village

  • Face-coverings (masks) are required for all inside groups.
  • 6 foot distance applies to all inside groups.
  • Windows can be opened for maximum airflow.
  • Floor-standing air cleaner will be provided in the room.
  • The beverage station is available for an additional fee. COVID-safety is required.
  • Food service availability has been shifting due to state restrictions.
  • Snacks and drinks cannot be shared buffet-style.
    • Have one designated person distribute snacks or have each person “bring-your-own.”
  • Crafting groups should limit themselves to 1 per table and face away from others if possible.
  • Other groups should limit participants to no more than 2-3 per table.
  • Maximums
    • 6 round tables
    • 12 long tables
  • Please keep participants to 10-12 ft. distance.



Fees include activities.
Many activities are only available seasonally and subject to weather conditions.
Groups can choose two LOMC-led activities during their stay:

  • Pond Canoe (returns spring 2021)
  • Archery (returns spring 2021)
  • Team Building Activities (Team Building course is closed due to physical distancing requirements)
  • Fishing 101 (we have limited fishing poles so we recommend bringing own if possible) (returns spring 2021)
  • Guided Hike 
  • Nature Craft Time


  1. “Anxiety, and Our Identity in Christ” (recommended for middle school age, high school age and adult groups) 
  2. “Be Color Amazed- What does this mean?” (recommended for middle school age and high school age groups)
  3. “Creation ROCKS!”  Using Psalm 104 we will learn to appreciate and praise all of God’s creation. (recommended for elementary, middle, and high school ages) 

In winter months, some activities may be snow covered and not available.

  • Volleyball, basketball courts (we have equipment but recommend bringing own if possible)
  • Gaga Ball
  • Fishing at the pond (bring your own gear)
  • Many, many trails for hiking
  • Prayer Labyrinth
  • Campfire
  • Self-guided nature activities/games found in the LOMC Explorers Activity Guide (we’ll provide you with a copy)
  • Destination Devotions, prayer and activities found in the LOMC Explorers Activity Guide (we’ll provide you with a copy)
  • Faith5 Guide from the book “Holding Your Family Together” by Dr. Rick Melheim.
  • Note: Due to financial, safety and staffing issues related to COVID-19, we are not operating the zip line or pool in 2020. 
Click to see a larger version.

Meal Service Information



  • $25 per campsite (per night).
    • Non-refundable, must be paid in full at time of reservation.
    • $5 extra per night for electrical.
  • Up to 6 people per site.
  • No minimum number of guests.
  • For non-households, your stay can not go over two nights.
  • Minimum reservation of 2 nights for weekends.
  • Shower house with Women’s and Men’s sides.
  • Group Camping
    • Group camping is for 7-25 people.
    • We allow only established youth, adult groups (churches, scouts, etc.) or family reunions.
    • $25 per night to reserve site plus $2 per person, per night. Maximum is 25 people.
  • Includes activities.

Retreat Cabins

  • $50 per person/per night.
  • Each cabin sleeps up to 12 (use lower bunks only).
  • We recommend keeping the size to 10 people for even lower risk.
  • Minimum of 5 to reserve a building.
  • Minimum reservation of 2 nights for weekends.
  • Use of Perch or Roost
  • Includes activities.
  • Includes extra cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Meals are optional and extra.
  • $200 Non-refundable deposit required.

Freedom Tree Village

    • Minimum two-night stay.
    • $80 per person/per night for WEEKENDS.
    • Friday and Saturday nights (3 days, 2 nights)
    • No minimum night-stay.
    • $72 per person/per night for WEEKDAYS.
  • Each building sleeps up to 6.
    • 1 in each room.
  • Minimum of 5 to reserve a building.
  • Use of Hospitality Center included (if available).
  • Includes bedding linens and towels (bring your own pillow).
  • Includes activities.
  • Includes extra cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Meals are optional and extra.
  • $300 non-refundable deposit required.

  • For full policy details click here…
  • Each person in your group must will out an online waiver. A parent or guardian must fill out the form for any minors attending.
  • Each reservation requires a non-refundable deposit (please see your contract for details). Until the deposit is received, your reservation is not complete. We ask that you promptly return your deposit to the LOMC Office to hold your space at an event or hold your facility. If we do not receive your deposit your reservation is not complete and we will open it up to other groups.
  • The group leader will receive a contract with pricing details as well as possible requests for further details about your event.
  • Payments can be made by check or credit card.
  • We ask that your group pay by one check or credit card payment.
  • Your guaranteed number of guests is locked in 10 days before your stay.
  • No refunds are given within 10 days of an event.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our fees at any time.
  • Your group is responsible for any and all damages to LOMC facilities and equipment.
  • LOMC is not responsible for damage to personal property or person. Use all areas of LOMC at your own risk and we recommend being in groups of two (2) or more when at LOMC.
  • Each participant is required to have a completed WAIVER filled out (by the adult participant or minor participant’s caregiver).
  • Groups are responsible for providing their own adults certified in first aid and CPR and who will be responsible for the health needs of the group.

Can You Book A Retreat Sooner?

If your group can be at LOMC within the next 18 days we have special pricing available.

Come Out To LOMC For The Day

As safety concerns continue, consider bringing your small group up for just a day.

  • Group leaders will need to follow all precautions and procedures (pre-screenings, limit size of group, etc.).
  • $20 per person includes 1 LOMC-led activity and one meal (Prairie Tier options only)
    • See Activities and Meal options above.
  • Just need meeting space? We have that available as well.

For more details visit this page…